Senin, 15 Februari 2010

So, I have a pet


LOL, okay, it's my real pet. It is a dog, a male dog, and I don't know what kind of dog type is he. Many people believe that he has a Chow-Chow type, or a Gloden Retriever type. Lulz, no way, you all are totally wrong. By the way, why I don't know what kind of type is he? Because, we don't buy it from a petshop!! His mom was the one who came to my house, lol. Her name is Bleki, not Blacky. Want to share her picture, but I don't have in my computer :<

By the way, back to my dog, OH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THE NAME!!! His name is BOM-BOM, his full name is Bom Bom Dollar okay forget it. Want to know his looks?

Isn't he so cuteeeee? But he is the most laziest dog in this world, I think. In 24 hours, he can spent almost 16-17 hours to sleep!!! Wth, and he is so arrogant. He only wants to sleep with someone that have an Air Conditioning in their room!!! What an arrogant, dog -_-

But at least, he is the most adorable dog I ever seen in this world :3 my family loves him very mucccch, smooooch Bom Bom.

NB : he was 5 years old now..................okay not important.

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