Senin, 15 Februari 2010

So, I have a pet


LOL, okay, it's my real pet. It is a dog, a male dog, and I don't know what kind of dog type is he. Many people believe that he has a Chow-Chow type, or a Gloden Retriever type. Lulz, no way, you all are totally wrong. By the way, why I don't know what kind of type is he? Because, we don't buy it from a petshop!! His mom was the one who came to my house, lol. Her name is Bleki, not Blacky. Want to share her picture, but I don't have in my computer :<

By the way, back to my dog, OH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THE NAME!!! His name is BOM-BOM, his full name is Bom Bom Dollar okay forget it. Want to know his looks?

Isn't he so cuteeeee? But he is the most laziest dog in this world, I think. In 24 hours, he can spent almost 16-17 hours to sleep!!! Wth, and he is so arrogant. He only wants to sleep with someone that have an Air Conditioning in their room!!! What an arrogant, dog -_-

But at least, he is the most adorable dog I ever seen in this world :3 my family loves him very mucccch, smooooch Bom Bom.

NB : he was 5 years old now..................okay not important.

Do you still remember your childhood?

I do miss my childhood times, especially with my beloved mom.

Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Adam for your entertainment!


I found this epic picture from a community LiveJournal, ontd_ai. So I'll give the credit to them, and especially the user who posted this; nadine0501.

LOL, it's from For Your Entertainment photo shoot, I believe. HE IS SO GORGEOUS, RIGHT? I'm going to tell you that Adam in For Your Entertainment video clip is sooo handsome, cool, gorgeous, and the dance!! THE DANCE!! It's kinda girly, BUT NOT THAT MUCH. Adam Lambert owns this world, almost. But, no offense to Kris fans, or to Kris himself. I thought, Adam will gain more popularity than Kris. SORRY, I'm very sorry to Kris, and his fans!! But, I believe that Kris will be a successful musician too!! At least, he is the winner of season 8, right?

But, hey, I want to see them makes a duet album if it's possible...........

Gosh, just ONE song is enough to makes me (and kradam fans, of course) happy!!! But, lately, Kris said to a magazine that he MIGHT writes a song with Adam. COOL, we'll be waiting for that my fucking cute prince.

This one makes me faint, I don't know but.....................Adam + snake = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

Hi, I'm here again *sigh*

OH MY GOD, I'm fucking bored to the max! And those stupid idiot musquitos fly around me, right now! ANNOYING! Huhuhu, this is what I usually do when I get bored. Spamming Twitter, Tumblr, and now will spam my own Blogger. Weird, spamming a blogger? I guess it's my bad habit with my precious old blog, lol.

Gosh, I don't have anything to do this morning. No one can makes me happy now, even if you give me a sexy David Cook picture, it didn't works on me.


By the way, I'm very random now~ Still bored, fyi. Looks like my dad has no plan to take me out from house, to mall maybe, or aaaaaa somewhere I don't care, because the most important is I will not get bored all day long, huh.

Gah, bye bye.

My stomach is so hurt when I see an adorable picture.

"can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my poker face, p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face"

Don't you see it's so cute? Gaga and Archie, the bitch one and the innocence one. Looks like Gaga likes him so much, and Archie too, how cute is he when Gaga hugs him!!! He looks so excited, right? Uuuu, can't give a comment again, it's just tooooooooooo fucking cute! Gaga and Archie are my favourite, srsly! So very cute, but at first I thought David's mind will go like this when Gaga hugs him, "oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh, I'm scared, somebody help me~ T_T" and blush a little!!! HOW ADORABLE IS THAT, unfortunately, it's just my though *sigh*.

I'm the weird one

Another random post in Valentine's Day.

Well, I'm moslem, and I don't celebrate it. I don't belive that Valentine's is an event that we should celebrate it with someone that we loved so much. Why? Actually, this is just my opinion, but, for me, everyday is Valentine's day.

By the way, what's your plan today, fellas? I don't have any plans today, kinda lazy because I'm sick now. Srsly, I hate Influenza so much. Ah, I remembered I have a homework from my math teacher. Okay, will do it later. Promise. Ugh, but still, I'm lazy to do anything :O such a lazy girl -_- yes I am. Tomorrow is monday, tomorrow going to school, tomorrow sucks. Ha!

I'm listening to Cook's songs right now. It's kinda calm me down. Pheeeew, Cook.

By the way, my laptop was given to my cousin, and now, I use my dad's laptop. Gosh, I miss my Keiichan so much, yes it's name is Keiichan. Hhhh, I kinda sick with my dad's laptop. But since it's BIG--it's screeen I mean, yep mine is only 10 inch -_- so small, huh--I want to use my dad's laptop, for a temporary time. Whaaaat, my dad will buy me the new one soon, as fast as he can, but I don't care, dad. I will not ask you to buy me a new laptop as fast as I want.

And hey, I have a Tumblr, mind if you follow me on my Tumblr? ESPECIALLY YOU, THE ONE WHO LOVES ADAMCOOKARCHIEKRIS! I usually spam their picture, of course. And once you follow me, please beware of the risk; spam every weekends.

Kinda sick now, this post is makes no sense. Especially, yesterday night, I watched Dorian Gray, alone. And, ew, I will not watch it for the second time, again. NOT AGAIN, I PROMISE.

Bye, guys. Love from me, smooooch, xoxo.

So, a new beginning?

Hello, I'm here for the unknown-times and again, I deleted all my posts before. I just want to changed this blog into an English blog. Can I? Absulotely, no. Why? Because my English is so bad. How poor I am. By the way, since I'm still learning, please don't judge my bad English, okay? I'm begging to all of you, now :'Db.

Should I introduce myself in English? I guess it's a yes. Well, my name is Andesita Nurinda Wulandari Soetenggi Mangkoewidjojo. Wow, wow, wow calm down man, the Soetenggi Mangkoewidjojo is doesn't exist in my real life. Well, my dad won't let me to use that family's name. Don't know why. So, my name is Andesita Nurinda Wulandari, and people always called me Anda (a formal-way English for 'you'). And I'm 15 years old, but will turn 16 next December. I'm a senior high schooler by the way.

Don't you like to spend your time for watching a million star above your head, I mean, on the beautiful night sky, sparkling like a million diamonds? I do. I do love it so much, astronomy was my biggest obsession for a long long long time. Actually since I'm in 2nd grade of elementary school. Whoa, I'm still an immature child, huh. And yes, NASA is always be my (dream) future office. My dream is going to the moon, and take a photo of me in there, signing a peace on my hand and will give that photo to my dad.

I love music too, I can sing. But I don't know if my voice is good or not. Some of my friends, and my family, told me that my voice is pretty good, I'm flattered. I usually sing a Korean or Japanese music, I'm the biggest fans of Asian-pop! But now, it's kinda gone from my head, I don't know if it's for only a while or forever (and I hope not forever). Now, I usually sing some western music. Well, I'm a freak of American Idol now.

My idols list? See my introduction on the sidebar.

By the way, about my personality. I'm a weird girl, who loves some stuffs that is 'weird' for a NORMAL people. Gosh, I'm pretty scary, so be careful with me :) but I will not bite you! I promise! And I'm a funny-person type, everyone loves to laugh at me whenever I do something weirds. I just feels like.. my life is only for makes people laugh. Gosh .-.

And, oh yeah, I admit that, I'm younger than David Archuleta but I'm not cute as him, and I really jealous with him. Gosh. Not important, but hell yeah, it's kinda bother me lately :/ lol jks. And this is my first post in English! And it's Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :D