Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Adam for your entertainment!


I found this epic picture from a community LiveJournal, ontd_ai. So I'll give the credit to them, and especially the user who posted this; nadine0501.

LOL, it's from For Your Entertainment photo shoot, I believe. HE IS SO GORGEOUS, RIGHT? I'm going to tell you that Adam in For Your Entertainment video clip is sooo handsome, cool, gorgeous, and the dance!! THE DANCE!! It's kinda girly, BUT NOT THAT MUCH. Adam Lambert owns this world, almost. But, no offense to Kris fans, or to Kris himself. I thought, Adam will gain more popularity than Kris. SORRY, I'm very sorry to Kris, and his fans!! But, I believe that Kris will be a successful musician too!! At least, he is the winner of season 8, right?

But, hey, I want to see them makes a duet album if it's possible...........

Gosh, just ONE song is enough to makes me (and kradam fans, of course) happy!!! But, lately, Kris said to a magazine that he MIGHT writes a song with Adam. COOL, we'll be waiting for that my fucking cute prince.

This one makes me faint, I don't know but.....................Adam + snake = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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