Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

I'm the weird one

Another random post in Valentine's Day.

Well, I'm moslem, and I don't celebrate it. I don't belive that Valentine's is an event that we should celebrate it with someone that we loved so much. Why? Actually, this is just my opinion, but, for me, everyday is Valentine's day.

By the way, what's your plan today, fellas? I don't have any plans today, kinda lazy because I'm sick now. Srsly, I hate Influenza so much. Ah, I remembered I have a homework from my math teacher. Okay, will do it later. Promise. Ugh, but still, I'm lazy to do anything :O such a lazy girl -_- yes I am. Tomorrow is monday, tomorrow going to school, tomorrow sucks. Ha!

I'm listening to Cook's songs right now. It's kinda calm me down. Pheeeew, Cook.

By the way, my laptop was given to my cousin, and now, I use my dad's laptop. Gosh, I miss my Keiichan so much, yes it's name is Keiichan. Hhhh, I kinda sick with my dad's laptop. But since it's BIG--it's screeen I mean, yep mine is only 10 inch -_- so small, huh--I want to use my dad's laptop, for a temporary time. Whaaaat, my dad will buy me the new one soon, as fast as he can, but I don't care, dad. I will not ask you to buy me a new laptop as fast as I want.

And hey, I have a Tumblr, mind if you follow me on my Tumblr? ESPECIALLY YOU, THE ONE WHO LOVES ADAMCOOKARCHIEKRIS! I usually spam their picture, of course. And once you follow me, please beware of the risk; spam every weekends.

Kinda sick now, this post is makes no sense. Especially, yesterday night, I watched Dorian Gray, alone. And, ew, I will not watch it for the second time, again. NOT AGAIN, I PROMISE.

Bye, guys. Love from me, smooooch, xoxo.

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